Let's Gel

Are we the right agency for you? We value long term relationships. We embody creativity. We balance fun with profit & we make time for an “a-pint-ment” or two along the way. 20 years later, we're still gelling.

Our approach to marketing is our own — it's grounded in Creative Intelligence. Meaning every project starts with strategy, regardless of scope, then we discuss tactics.

It also means we're not afraid to ask the tough questions. We challenge you. We test your assumptions and sometimes take the contrarian view. We want to fully understand your marketing challenge & diagnose the issue before designing the best solution.

Tom Ambeau

Meet Tom

I've had my share of good fortune in business over the past 30 years—record-beating quarters, successful product launches, shattering a fundraising milestone, and the thrill of taking a company public. They say that fortune (I don't believe in luck) is where hard work and opportunity meet. I've also had some challenges in business. And so I should. That's undeniably part of the growth equation. The Creative Intelligence I share with our clients is the sum of these parts.

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Meet Shannon

I left a 20 year corporate sales and marketing career to join Gel & become an agency partner. While in corporate, I earned an MBA from the Schulich School of Business. As the strategy lead, I leverage my corporate experience and business education in all our client engagements. I teach Marketing and PR at Georgian College. You can check out my writing at


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Shannon Ambeau

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