How do you know when it’s time for a rebrand? Like anything, as brands grow up and mature, they evolve. A brand doesn’t exist in a bubble, but rather within a dynamic market.

7 Signs Your Business May Need a Rebrand

How do you know when it’s time for a rebrand? Like anything, as brands grow up and mature, they evolve. A brand doesn’t exist in a bubble, but rather within a dynamic market.

A “rebrand” is the process of reinvigorating your brand — this could include the logo, name, symbols, and any other part of your brand identity. It’s like a home reno. It’s more of an update than an overhaul and the reason we rebrand is to stay relevant and to make our business more attractive to potential customers.

It’s only natural that your brand needs an update from time to time. There are no hard and fast rules telling us when to rebrand, but there are signals. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the signs that it’s time to rebrand.

1. Your business or organization is growing.

What worked before may not work now. The brand needs to change to catch up to the organization. This is good news! It means you’re growing. The brand needs to reflect the change, whether it’s a new customer segment you’re serving, a new level of sophistication, enhanced products or services, or a company cultural shift.

2. Your logo doesn’t play well with new media.

This one is practical. I know I said a brand is more than a logo, but the visual identity is critical. A brand designed years ago may not show well on digital — too much gradient, wrong font style or weight, too many colours. There are many considerations. Less is usually more.

3. You’re a hot mess on digital.

Your brand looks outdated. Your messaging doesn’t strike the right chord. Your content is inconsistent. Or all of the above. Outdated product inventories, brand standards being ignored. What you said then may not resonate with the clients you serve now or the products or services you provide. It’s time for a reset.

4. Sales have flattened and web traffic has slowed.

A brand isn’t the only reason sales may have flattened. There are many reasons you may not be getting the results you want, but it's worth reviewing the brand when considering why sales aren’t where you want them to be. Looking at the brand objectively will help you determine whether or not it’s helping or hurting. A rebrand can breathe new life into your business. Integrating the new brand into your marketing and advertising plans can help grow the business.

5. You’ve stopped or slowed your content marketing efforts.

There’s a reason you’ve slowed down. You may be busy, but I think it’s more than this. Intuitively, you probably know it’s time for a refresh. No one knows your brand as well as you. No more to be said here except a reminder to trust your gut.

6. Your brand resembles a patchwork quilt.

This is typical and totally understandable today. With so many channels, it’s hard to stay consistent. You may have lost your grasp. It’s easy to understand how the brand can get away from its standards with so many different people, departments, and sometimes outside agencies, having their hand in your marketing efforts. There may be too many versions floating around in the ether. Over time, the brand may have lost its clear voice and direction. It may be time to rein it in with a rebrand.

7. You find yourself making excuses.

Here’s the thing. Whenever we find ourselves making excuses, we know there’s a problem. We may not be quite ready to acknowledge it fully, but we know it's there. We’re still content to justify and explain the issues away. If you notice yourself making excuses for your brand, it’s worth taking note.

You may be justifying things in your own head or explaining your way through meetings, justifying why the website hasn’t been updated or you haven’t launched that campaign. Whenever we're making excuses, it’s a great opportunity to get to the root of the problem. That’s a rule for work and for life frankly. Ask yourself, or better yet ask others what they think, and you may realize that a rebrand may be the solution you need.

A rebrand is exciting! It’s not nearly as difficult or intimidating a process as you might think. It’s a lot of fun and with the right team guiding the process, it energizes the brand and gives you clarity. It’s not a quick fix, but a rebrand is an investment in your business that will reap rewards over the long term. The brand will represent your current business and will keep it relevant and attractive to new and existing customers. In other words, it's both a growth and retention strategy.

If you think you may be due for a rebrand, call us. We have a proven process that helps brands stand out and get results.

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